“The constellations were covered by the smoke”

The constellations were covered by the smoke

Of your cigar, and as I squinted at Cygnus,

“What’s so amazing about stars,” you spoke,

“That keeps us gazing at night?” For Polaris

We chase no more down the banks of River Tuul,

And we’ve never understood the astronomer’s charts.

But someone once said, “Make a wish and you’ll

Be answered.” So lovers and thinkers sat in parks

In Lisbon and Kyoto watching swans

Glide on long pearled lake lights and thought

How gold and clear the sky shines at dawn

And constellations connect more than just the dots.

That might be why – When we part to places new

I know we’ll keep on stargazing then too.

Written December 31, 2018.

Parameters: Shakespearean sonnet, memories of this past year


A taste of home: five things to send your kid in college in the darkest months of the year

Written for The Pawling Record to help bolster local business and to save college students from the ramen rut (which I still have not escaped). Original can be found here

Now that the holidays are over and the wrapping paper put away, the last thing on your mind is probably sending gifts. But by now, your college student has returned to school – and we’re still hungry. Care packages are always welcome, regardless what time of the year it is. Especially care packages with food from regional farms or local businesses. Dining hall fatigue is real, and second semester is exactly when we quit the meal plan in favor of instant ramen. Here are some recommendations for items you can send by mail to your college student to improve their culinary experience at university and possibly save them from a lifetime addiction to ramen.

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