The rise of Pawling bread

Written for the inaugural issue of The Pawling Record, April 2017. Link to original article is currently unavailable.

Flour, water, salt, and wild yeast are all Cynthia Kinahan needs to bake the perfect bread – no pun intended.

Since its recent expansion to the store on 10 East Main Street, the already widely-popular micro-bakery has surged in renown. On Saturdays from 9:30am to noon, shoppers wander in to smell the sweet aroma of freshly baked sourdough. They try the buttery, fluffy brioche or a slice of nutty sesame bread and fall in love with the taste of home-made artisanal bread.

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Embracing the future: PHS Class of 2017

Coverage of the Pawling High School 2017 graduation ceremony. Link to original article is currently unavailable.

On Friday, June 23, at 6:30 p.m., the doors to the Pawling High School gym opened to admit a long line of high school seniors just moments away from graduation. They were greeted by a vast audience assembled to welcome the Class of 2017 to their collective future. It would be an evening to celebrate the achievements of each student and, to borrow from an admonishment of Henry David Thoreau, to encourage them to “go confidently in the direction of their dreams,” while embracing the uncertainty of the future.

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A taste of home: five things to send your kid in college in the darkest months of the year

Written for The Pawling Record to help bolster local business and to save college students from the ramen rut (which I still have not escaped). Original can be found here

Now that the holidays are over and the wrapping paper put away, the last thing on your mind is probably sending gifts. But by now, your college student has returned to school – and we’re still hungry. Care packages are always welcome, regardless what time of the year it is. Especially care packages with food from regional farms or local businesses. Dining hall fatigue is real, and second semester is exactly when we quit the meal plan in favor of instant ramen. Here are some recommendations for items you can send by mail to your college student to improve their culinary experience at university and possibly save them from a lifetime addiction to ramen.

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The Lost Language of Pawling

An essay describing the Native American language that spoken long ago in my local hometown region. Additionally part of my other internship at The Endangered Language Fund. Original can be found here.

On the train home from work, you lean your head against the window, watching the water, the woods, and the tall grasses of the Great Swamp fade into the distance. As the scenery passes by, a brief thought flickers through your mind about how, five hundred years ago, perhaps women sat along the banks of the Swamp River, weaving stories into the white and purple shells of their wampum belts. You wonder what became of those women, before your phone buzzes and you text your ride home that you’ll be at your destination within fifteen minutes. The train stops and a few more minutes are spent scrolling through Facebook, until the conductor interrupts. “This is the train to Wassaic,” he calls out in his usual drone. You look up again as the train begins to move, and you wonder, Where did the name Wassaic come from?

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