“Abscisio” refers to the loss of one’s voice, or the rhetorical device aposiopesis, due to emotion.

About the author of this site…

Hello! My name’s Elisabeth, but you can call me Eli. I’m a French/Japanese double major with a minor in Linguistics, but I adore writing and am currently exploring journalism as a career. Here I will post reflections regarding my experiences as an Asian American young woman in the modern United States who sometimes travels. I will post stories, blog posts, essays, and a bit of my writing from newspapers I’ve worked at. These include The Pawling Record, The Wellesley News, and currently The UB Post. These range from serious philosophical discussions about the theory of propaedeutic languages to satirical publications on life at an all-women’s college.

Aside from writing, I love to travel, learn languages, play the guitar and ukulele, and make art (watercolor and oil painting). I have a dog that I worship and a bird that is a pain in the ass but whom I love very much. Even though I know it’s mostly bogus, I like reading my horoscope from time to time to get a better sense of how I’m going to ruin my day today. I am also shamefully addicted to Tumblr and invest way too much time in my Snapchat streaks.

I hope to find an outlet through my writing and perhaps provoke thought or even facilitate discussion for those who read this. In the end, my goal is to learn as much as I can about the world through reflection, feedback, and a proactive approach to deciphering the mysteries of life. 😮



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