I’m still dreaming about growing up

This poem is so old. I wrote it for a couple of friends who were dating and who requested a poem for Valentine’s Day as part of a Literary Society fundraiser. It was later published in our first ever literary magazine, which can be viewed here.


The thing about getting older and older is that you don’t notice

Until you realize that you’ve stopped splashing in silver puddles

And picking lace-thin dandelions

And making wishes on them.


You don’t like waking up early anymore and

Instead of listening to the birds and bells at dawn

And you throw the pillow on your head

Trying to sink back into sleep

(and sometimes wanting to stay that way forever).


But sometimes I catch your eye and you take my hand

And I think about silver puddles and lace-thin dandelions

And making wishes.


And sometimes I wake up to birds and bells at dawn

And instead of throwing the pillow over my head

I lay there and listen, and I want to stay awake

Because they remind me of the way you laugh.

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